The social media training you need to get your health-fitness-business to where you always wanted to be!


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What Is The
Social Media For Healthpreneurs Summit?

This summit is about how you in the health-, fitness- and nutrition field can use a wide variety of social media to grow your reach, audience and client list.

Who is this online event for?

• Doctors
• Personal Trainers
• Nutritionist
• Chiropractors
• Anyone with a health and beauty focused business

The tips, tools and strategies taught in this summit can be applied by anyone who is doing online marketing and anyone who has an online business.

Who are the speakers?

Complete list of topics

  • Discover the best strategies to set Pinterest up for success! - Kate Ahl
  • Freebies & building a list of interested clients - Sarah Michelle Skraban
  • 5 tips to leverage Facebook groups and why that is important for a thriving health based business - Vanessa Raphael (host)
  • Twitter account analysis and how to set yourself appart - AJ Watkins
  • Why everything you have learned about Instagram from Instagram “gurus” is wrong and 5 ways to get it right - Vanessa Raphael (host)
  • Websites, Blogs, Wordpress & BuilderAll - Tobias Michel
  • Business advice for (new) entrepreneurs - Jeanine Lett
  • How to create a one-page marketing plan - Crystal Humeniuk-Dallner
  • Colour psychology. Avoid the most common mistakes people make when they brand their products or services - Karolina Chic
  • Video & streaming without overwhelm - Tobias Michel
  • Video & YouTube - Tobias Michel & Vanessa Raphael
  • How to use LinkedIn to get new clients on autopilot! - Mirna Bacun
  • 4 ways to make sure that you are using testimonials in the right way even before you have clients - Pat Rezetylo
  • Why you should start a Podcast! - Nedalee Thomas
  • 5 tips to blog as a pro in the health industry with integrity and style - Vanessa Raphael (host)
  • + BONUSES: Facebook ads & custom audiences

Why do I need to sign up?

This summit is like a virtual conference where you will attend different sessions on certain dates and times. All speakers provide a free session and if you want the more in depth teaching you can get that for a small fee. The free teachings will be available for 24 hours so you have some time flexibility to watch them.

The price for ALL ACCESS PASS where you get to keep all the in-depth training is $297 - there is however a special low price right now - so make sure to buy it now for only $97

Get ready for 2018, it is right around the corner and what is better than to set up your health business to execute new strategies attained through this summit for the new year?

Get all the social media training you need to get where you always wanted to be!


The social media training you need
to get where you always wanted to be!


About The Host:


Vanessa Raphael is the creator and host of the Social Media for Healthpreneurs Summit, founder of Instagram Integrity Marketing, she is a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur, Networker and Health Ambassador, Vanessa Raphael has a genuine gift for networking and connecting the dots of her passions in life with the right people.

Vanessa Raphael has embarked on a heavy health journey since the end of 2016. Leading up to recently she has discovered information about health as well as prayers that has been to great benefit for her. She joined the only protocol to healing MS and auto immune disorders by suppressing them with high doses of vitamin D under medical suppression. She also found a gene test that helped her discover many things about her body such as that she is not gluten intolerant, not caffeine sensitive and has helped her find what diet is best suited for her among the vast majority of diet fads.

All these discoveries have been a God-send and she wishes that this information was more widespread, so that people in need can find other alternatives than Big Pharma lifelong subscriptions to expensive medical drugs which may not cure no diseases at all. When her mother died from crippling MS in 2013 it was clear to Vanessa Raphael that she had not gotten help for this illness as there was and still is no information about alternative approaches that could send her disease into remission.

With this current journey fresh in memory, Vanessa Raphael wants to help people like doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, physios and other healthpreneurs to utilize social media to gain exposure for their message online.

Through this Social Media for healthpreneurs summit with it's many interviews and lessons you will receive experts opinions on
a wide variety of social media marketing practices and what you can do to create and maintain a great online presence.

"By buying the ALL ACCESS PASS you get incredible social media teaching and help us expand in the future.

Support the speakers and the summit. Thank you!"

– Vanessa Raphael

Buy the ALL ACCESS PASS and get video recordings of all the seminars of the previous summit at a discounted price.

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